Dear Devotees and Friends of Lord Krishna

This is the temple schedule for this week:


Friday, January 25th at 6-8 pm:

Kirtan Evening and Story Telling from the Life of Caitanaya


We start of by congregational singing meditation on the Hare Krishna maha mantra . Then Jahnava Karunamayi devi dasi will tell some pass times from the ecstatic life of Sri Caitanya Mahprahu . The stories will be connected with the spiritual knowledge that Sri Krishna gives in the Bhagavad Gita.

After the program we´ll have prasadam/ sanctified food together from Govinda´s restaurant.


Sunday, January 27th at 3-6 pm:

Sri Krishna Multi Murti festival

Everyone in the congregation is invited to bring their  home Murtis/ Deities of Krishna - in different froms can be Gopal, Gaur Nitai , Jaganath Baladev Subhadra, Vishnu etc.  We will set them all up on an altar in front of our main Sri Sri Gaur Nitai temple and worship and glorify them together

Note! Come latest 2.30 with your Deities so there is enough time to set up the altar.


3.00-3.30 Guru puja and kirtan

3.30 - 4.00  Lecture about Krishna appearing in the form of Deity by Marta Jita Prabhu (hopefully, not yet confirmed.)

4.00-4.30 Glorification of the Deities- each devotee can introduce and tell something about the Deity they are serving in their respective homes

4.30- 4-40 Children offer their decorations to the Deities

4.40-5.00 Prayers to the Deities and kirtan dancing around the Sri Krishna Multi Murti altar

5.00-5.30 Gaur Arati

5.30 Prasadam

6 - sevas- devotees are welcome to offer their services by cleaning and putting everything in order  

Children's Activities during Sri Krishna Multi Murti Festival:

The children are also very welcome to bring their Krishna Murties for the festival altar

3-3.30 The children are encouraged to participate in Guru Puja and dancing in the kirtan

3.30-4.15 Making decorations for the Sri Krishna Multi Murti altar with Arundhati Mataji and Jahnava Karunamayi  d d

4.14-4.30 Fruit break

4.30- 4.40 Offering of the decorations on the altar

4.40-5.00 Kirtan and dancing around the altar

Warm Welcome to Everyone!



Öppetider för tempelbesök under veckorna:  Mån - Fre 11.30 - 15.00


Govindas vegetariska Servering

är öppen måndag-fredag : 11.30-15.00

Karl Johansgatan 57 414 55 Göteborg

Tag spårvagn 3 eller 9 till Chapmans Torg


Govindas vegetarian restaurant is open Monday-Friday 11-30-15-00

Take tram nr. 3 or 9 to Chapmans Torg




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